[HOW TO] Easily collect up to an extra 1650 Microsoft/Xbox Rewards points a week

In case you’re unaware, there is a Microsoft Rewards program which lets you collect points daily which you can then redeem for gift cards, contest entries, and much more. I’ve been collecting them for years, mostly through Bing, the Xbox Microsoft Rewards app, and Xbox Game Pass to redeem on Xbox gift cards or Game Pass Ultimate extensions. Earlier this year I discovered another easy way to collect Microsoft Rewards points rather quickly using the Xbox app for Android (and presumable iOS). Read on to find out how!

There are three simple ways to collect extra Microsoft Points on the Xbox app on Android:

  1. Log in to the app daily
  2. Play the featured mobile game (currently Microsoft Jewel)
  3. Play a PC game

You also get bonus points for having seven or more Xbox friends, as well as for subscribing to Xbox Game Pass. Better yet? Those bonus points almost double up for both playing the featured mobile game and a PC game.

To start, launch the Xbox app on your mobile device, tap your avatar icon in the lower right-hand corner, and you should be taken to the Rewards tab by default. If you don’t see one beside Posts/Achievements/About, try purging your storage and logging back into the app.

1. Log into the app daily

When you log into the app, you’ll get 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 points for days 1 through 5 depending on your day streak. Added up, that’s a total of 75 points every 5 days, which means you can earn between 90 and 120 Microsoft Rewards points every week, if my math is correct: 90 for week 1, 110 for week 2, 105 for week 3, 100 for week 4, and 120 for week 5.

2. Play the featured mobile game

Playing the featured mobile game and meeting the requirement, which is Microsoft Jewel at the time of writing and requires you to complete a level, you earn 30 points per day, which is 210 points each week. In addition, you get an extra 15 points for having 7+ friends on Xbox, and another extra 15 points if you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. That increases your total to a maximum of 60 points per day, for 420 per week. Combined with logging into the app daily, we’re up to between 510 and 600/week!

3. Play a PC game

This one is a bit misleading but basically, you have to play a PC game that’s available on PC Game Pass. It’s easy enough to do and I usually launch Forza Horizon 5 and load into the main game, wait about 30 seconds then shut down the game. Alternatively, I do play whatever the current “easy” achievement game is until I get an achievement so I can log in to my Xbox later and get an extra 50 Microsoft Rewards points for getting an achievement (which is an extra 350 points/week, but we won’t count those here).

Once you’ve played the game, a notification will likely pop on your PC saying you earned points for playing a PC game, go back to the app and claim your 50 points PLUS another 25 for having 7+ friends, and ANOTHER 25 for subscribing to Xbox Game Pass for a total of 100 points. Per day. That’s 700 per week, bringing our total up to between 1210 and 1300!

Sure, it’s not much, but a $5 Xbox gift card sets you back between 4800 and 5200 Rewards Points, which you can easily earn in a month. If you take into account the extra achievement rewards by logging into and claiming on your Xbox console each day, that’s between 1510 and 1650/week. And that doesn’t include a lot of the other easy things you can do like daily polls, quizzes, and playing other games on your Xbox.

And there you have it, easily earn at least 1210 Microsoft Points each week, with slightly more every third or fourth week based on the five day reset!