Atari and My Arcade have four new ways for gamers to play classic games

U.S. gamers looking for a dose of Atari nostalgia at home or on the go now have four new ways to play classic games courtesy of My Arcade’s latest licensed collection of gaming hardware.

First up is the Atari Gamestation Pro. With more than 200 officially licensed Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Arcade, and bonus titles, the Gamestation Pro includes two 2.4GHz wireless joysticks, inspired by the iconic originals with integrated paddles for an authentic experience on paddle games such as Breakout or Warlords. Easily connectable to your TV, the system even offers in-game save options to save your progress. The Gamestation Pro retails for $99.99.

The Atari Gamestation Pro
The Atari Gamestation Pro.

For a double dose of nostalgia, the Atari 50 Micro Player Pro and Nano Player Pro are a pair of tabletop mini arcade machines. Pre-loaded with classic Atari games, these small arcade machines can be taken anywhere. The Micro Player Pro includes 100 games and retails for $39.99 while the Nano Player Pro includes 75 games and sells for $29.99.

The Atari Nano Player Pro (left) and Micro Player Pro
The Atari 50 Nano Player Pro (left) and Micro Player Pro mini-arcades.

Finally, the Atari 50 Pocket Player Pro gaming handheld features a 2.75″ full colour screen and 100 Atari and bonus titles. It retails for $39.99.

The Atari 50 Pocket Player Pro
The Atari 50 Pocket Player Pro.

All the above systems are available exclusively on and are (unfortunately) U.S. exclusive.