Why to Choose PHP for Web Development?

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a well known programming language which is used for web development and to develop dynamic web pages. Most of the web developers today use PHP coding and this language has been in great demand in the software industry due to its special features. It supports more than 700 functions which eventually reduces complexities while programming. It is more useful if you want to host your website on Linux. It also supports multiple databases such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL server and MS Access and as it is an open source programming in PHP is cost effective also. This article contains some of the points on why PHP should be preferred in web development.

SIMPLICITY: The most advantageous thing in using PHP for programming is its simplicity as it is easy to understand and learn as it is similar to languages like C and Pearl, a person from any background will feel comfortable in understanding and using it.

POPULAR IN CMS: As most of the Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are prepared in PHP only therefore, the websites made by using PHP is customized and programmers can manipulate it according to their requirement.

PERFORMANCE: It is another advantage if you want to run a website on your server. MySql database which is mostly used with PHP is much faster than the other databases present in the market. It is also very easy to integrate and implement applications with PHP.

COST EFFECTIVE: The reason behind the popularity of this language is that it is economic for programmers and can be obtained free of charge from the internet. This is also preferred by most of the starters which make a new entry in the online market. As most of the businesses start with low budget and thus prefer for programmers who are less costly. This is the reason why this language has become so much popular in the software industry.

ADVANCED USABILITY: PHP has introduced more advanced way of introducing site by making it more attractive and interactive as well. The written scripts of PHP enable you to keep a track of target visitor’s activities and web masters an also obtain feedback from the users of their product and services.

FLEXIBILITY: It is quite simple to extend this language to suit the custom needs of businesses because of its modular system that can be integrated with a wide variety of libraries such as those for graphics and Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Ecommerce web development has gained a new way with PHP, as PHP supports many Ecommerce platforms.