Who is Amadou Samba Gambia and What Does He Represent?

Amadou Samba Gambia is ranked among the highly celebrated industrialist in Gambia. He has made a great impact in the growth of the Gambian economy and it is largely due to this fact that he is revered in most circles. He holds various positions of power such as the presidency of Gacern Company Ltd the only cement company in the country, the management director of  a water bottling company known as Gamwater and in which he own 99% of the shares. He has shares in various other prominent companies.
Amadou Samba Gambia also holds various legal positions in the country and it is largely due to this fact that his popularity has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. Some of these include the ministry of justice senior state ministry. This is because he also has an educational background that hinges on law.
For instance, Amadou Samba Gambia is known to have studied international law at Jawahal Nehru and gotten a diploma and later on in India, he also got a diploma in Academy of international law and diplomacy.  While the man has created a name for himself in Gambia through hard work, he has also set a track record of been one of the most giving and valued people due to his ability to help others. This is attributed to the fact that he has helped other people create niches for themselves by propelling them to build businesses.