What Is A Wireless Router Repeater

The wireless router is a device designed to allow you to connect a variety of different computers and their components through the same Internet connection. All the devices use the same signal t access the Internet, share files from one to the other and allow you to use the printers and scanners interchangeably. Most wireless routers have a set range and if you have a fairly good sized home office you may have some devices that are not in range enough to receive a good signal.

You can buy either a wireless repeater or use a second wireless router to boost your signal. It is possible to adjust the settings on the second router so that it performs the same functions as a repeater and that is to extend the range of networks signal. If your are not technically inclined you can purchase wireless router repeaters that have been configured by the manufacturer of certain brands of routers. They are specially designed so the lay user can set them up easily, right from the box. The problem with these is that they only operate on the specific brand wireless router.

To install a wireless router repeater is a simple task, if you purchase a model with an installation disc the better for you.

First establish the placement of the device. This should be central to the devices you want to include in the range of the signal. Put the disc into the CD-ROM drive on your PC. You only have to do this for on one unit.
The instructions will show up on the computer screen, follow them to install the software.

For this segment you have to have your IP address handy. Open a web browser, then type in the Internet Provider address or IP address in the search bar and then press the enter key to see the routers configuration appear on your screen. Once you have this you are ready for the next step.

This should show you how to access the wireless routers’ configuration menu, now type in the abbreviation ” admin” in the box titled user’s name. Do not put anything in the box labeled password. Now click on the icon that says, “Log In”, this should take you directly to the configuration menu. Now go to basic settings and click on it. Next click on the “Internet Provider address” that is in the box.

You must change the last number of the existing ” Internet Provider address” to any number that is greater than the number of devices you are intending to use. Bear in mind that if you add another device that makes you number greater than what you have entered you will have to do this step again. Now you are ready to disable the tab labeled DNS forwarding.

Now you will go to the settings tab that is labeled advanced and once there scroll until you see the “DHCP” heading. Underneath this heading go to the one that says, “port forwarding”. You have to delete all of the addresses that are already listed. Now go to the firewall section and open this tab, click disable.

Go to the tab for ” wireless settings” open it, click on the tab labeled ” gateway”. Now it is time to return to the main menu and save your reconfiguration. You have to close the browser for these changes to take affect.