What Are Expired Domains?

Domain names are used as identification labels to indicate ownership or control of a resource website. Brainstorming to what is the best domain for you and/or your business creates a margin of “making it” or not. Effectively of the domain largely reflects that of your websites’.

A domain name with a catchy note will really get people’s attention. Another aspect you need to take into account is the relevance of the domain name to you and/or your business. There must be leverage between the two. When you have finished brainstorming and you came to a crossing between what domain name you chose and its availability, this may become a ground for you to have another decision to make.

Most “good” domains out there with all the expected benefits of its being “good”, are unavailable and are may have already taken by a competitor even before you started brainstorming about it.

Every week hundreds to thousands of domain names expire and become available again. While some domains have remained expired for years and counting. Expired domains are domains that were registered previously but then not renewed. Most of these registered domains require annual renewal of registration or for its membership. For whatsoever the registrant’s reason may be, be it failure of payment or there is no desire for its renewal, unclaimed domain names are then repossessed and are made available for anyone to register again.

Let us look at the Pros and Cons of Expired Domains.

Expired Domain Names Search Pros

• Previous owner choose the domain for a reason. I most probably have been a good market rich with keywords.

• If the Domain Name is expired it must have at least 1 year of history. This is good for the search Engines. I lucked out and picked up a 10 year old domain once. On the First PR Ranking round it went straight to PR3 from PR0.

• Some Domains Hold their PR. You may have seen around on Expired Domains Searches that some Show a PR Rating of the Domain. This can actually hold its place. So a PR6 you buy as an expired domain with a bit of work can hold that PR. A PR 6 site for example is worth $1000 easy on Flippa.com

Expired Domain Names Search Cons

• Cost. Make sure you know the value. As you can lose out by paying too much.

• Fake PR Status. Make sure you check if the status of the PR Rating is correct. Many people buy a PR4 domain for $200 bucks only to find out it is no longer a PR4 so only buy high PR Expired domains if you know what you are doing.

• Spend the Money and get a good membership. The cost of a membership can be $50 US to $200 US per month for a good Expired Domains Service like Freshdrop or similar. If you are planning to invest in good Expired Domain Names it may be worth investing in this search tool or similar.

Smaller nations are growing and there are great Domains to invest on. Don’t limit yourself on the US market. So stimulate your creativity, back it up with research and good luck on your search for better domain names!