Video Conferencing Phone

I just got off a video conferencing phone call with my daughter, Katie, in Sweden and my friend, Gilbert, in Arizona. We were able to do this because each of us has one of these amazing phones.

I venture to say that most of us still think that video conferencing is complicated and expensive. The popular misconception is that this requires sophisticated know how. Those days are gone. It’s a piece of cake and it’s available to all of us ordinary people at a ridiculously low price.

It’s called a video phone.

There are various models available on the market right now, but only one home video phone that offers true conferencing capabilities. You can have this for less than you are paying right now for your home telephone line. About $33 per month will get you unlimited local and long distance calling to over 60 countries. The hardware cost is about $180, it’s a breeze to hook it up and a child can operate it.

This new phone replaces your existing home phone. Your cordless phone handsets will continue to work exactly as they always have.

This is possible because of a complete paradigm shift. A shift in technology. A new discovery of what is possible with digital video communication using the internet as a digital video backbone network.

You might be thinking like I did when the cell phone first arrived or the fax machine or the personal computer. Well, the same thing is happening with video communications. We will all be talking to and seeing each other via digital video technology, within the next few years. It’s predicted this will happen by 2014 (66% of us worldwide, believe it or not). It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

My favourite video conferencing phone is the result of collaboration between Texas Instruments, Ojo Labs and Worldgate Communications. This phone is now in its fifth generation of development and represents, by far, the best quality and best value.

Look for these benefits and features that should come standard with your phone:

* 7 inch, live streaming video picture that runs at over 30 frames per second. (That’s high definition).
* Stereo sound, hands free sound and high quality sound pick up microphones
* No “lag time”. No more jumpy, pixelated video pictures
* Reliable digital video network provider
* 500 name and number speed dial memory
* One touch button for conferencing
* Acts as rotating photo frame while not in use as a phone
* Should have USB port to download favourites
* Wi Fi should be built in (where there is no hard internet connection)
* Interfaces with new generation video mobile cell phones
* Portable, works anywhere in the world where there is a high speed internet connection
* Interfaces with your Cordless home handsets
* Auto adjusts to appropriate band width for optimum video and audio reception
* Hooks to your wide screen TV, see the person(s) you’re talking to on your TV in high def
* Save money. Your local and long distance calling plan should be unlimited to at least 60 countries and should be much less cost than your existing home phone calling plan.
* Software updates should be automatic via the internet

When you travel, take your phone with you. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Plug it in to high speed internet and you are ready make calls to almost any kind of phone almost anywhere in the world. It operates just like your regular home phone. Your video phone number resides “inside” the phone. This means that anyone “back home” with the same area code can call you toll free. It’s a local call for them and you can talk as long as you want. It’s unlimited.