UAE SEO – New Google Site Map For Webmaster Tools

SiteMap is one of important part for seo (Search Engine Optimization) to crawl website easily and indexing also. But for search engine, sitemap is not understandable by user, so to avoid this issue two sitemap is created. Search engine prefer xml based site that is not understandable by user but easy for search engine. There are some tags in xml sitemap by which search engine follow to all pages. Simple sitemap structure is like this,





This is one of simple sitemap structure for any website. Here are some tags as well as attributes there. For attribute “version” that describes version of xml language. There may be other version based on your facilities. Other attribute is encoding that describes which type of coding is used in sitemap that may be other like UCP, double characters and muchmore. tag is starting tag for sitemap. All WebPages are added in this tag with other attributes. For attribute xmlns, schemas are used to define for sitemap. Schemas can be made based based on requirement for creating sitemap. Attribute xsi:schemaLocation represents location of sechmas used in sitemap.

For adding WebPages in sitemap, there is requirement of tag named . In this tag some other child tags are to be added like that represents web page address, there is require to add absolute address of web page. Other child tag is that represents when your web page URL is modified on server. Other attribute is that represents that how important that page is for you? And search engine also should give more priority to this web page. Other one tag is that represents how much time that page should be created. All pages of website should add in that represents beginning and ending for sitemap.

But what should be maximum number of pages to be added in XML sitemap?For optimized sitemap there should not more 500 URLs for any web pages, in case of having large number of pages in website, anyone can create more than one sitemap page. There is some limitation about sitemap like upto date of sitemap. For this every time there is require to create sitemap from beginning or would have to add manually in sitemap. Google created new sitemap generator based on server activities

Google sitemap generator finds new and modified web pages of website based on traffic, its log file and files found on server. After finding sitemap generator, Google creates three type of sitemap. One of is  XML sitemap format, mobile sitemaps and code search sitemaps. Moreover this send ping to Google blog search, blog search engine. This is server plugins and supported by Linux, windows IIS based server. Like other server plugins, there is require to install on server to get ready.

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