Top Business Careers in 2010

Be a training specialist. A training specialist develops a curriculum to train new and veteran employees the “how to” of their positions. This position takes tried and true business training and combines it with new techniques. The best candidate for this position must have the emotional intelligence to understand how to present materials to keep new employees excited about learning and engage veterans who may think the training is just this year’s newest fad. Pay median is about $45,000 for a candidate with considerable experience.

Become a government manager. Government jobs, more so than the private sector, are usually management positions. They have wonderful job security, and are currently becoming more and more available. Between current employees reaching retirement age, and increased spending from the current administration, these positions are almost everywhere and in every sector of business if you look carefully. Salaries vary by position, but have a potential to earn up to $94,300 with experience.

Revamp heath care policy. With the push from the uninsured and the current administration, health care is a top concern. This is leading to many organizations, government and private, hiring heath care policy experts. These experts are charged with finding the best way to revamp America’s failing health care system. A background in health care management or business is a great fit for this position with the potential to earn up to $125,000 with experience.

Train the manager with a management consulting career. A management consultant works in a wide variety of fields, from heath care to information technology, and helps companies by developing plans to keep business as usual through disasters: natural and man-made. With a bachelor’s or master’s degree in most any field, this career will surely keep you on your toes. Candidates with experience can expect salaries up to $185,000.

Help companies improve their products by becoming a usability expert. A usability expert listens to what the company wants to develop, the user finds positive and negative about the product, and combines the best of both worlds to come up with a product that engineers can design for the consumer. This job can be risky, since some companies may not understand the need for this role, but an experienced usability expert at a company that understands the need for this role can earn as much as $120,000 per year.