SuperLife Features Bitcoin, the New Digital Money That Lets People Buy and Sell Globally Without Credit Cards or Banks

Mountain Lakes, NJ (PRWEB) July 06, 2012

Money is not just changing hands. Its changing its nature. Thats an observation made by the SuperLife professional network at Today the organization announces that it will report regularly on the rise of electronic currency, led by Bitcoin, which enables peer-to-peer transactions without any banking intermediary.

With Bitcoin users in more than one hundred countries, Usage appears to be growing exponentially, says Richard W. (Dick) Samson, director of SuperLife. Within a few years this and other digital currencies could become as common as email. And just as email has leapfrogged snail mail, the new currencies could start making todays dollars, euros, and credit cards seem old-fashioned.

On the SuperLife site a lead article titled Digital Money Challenges Real Money describes the phenomenon and gives links to more information. Right now, sellers of anything digital or real, service or product can start experimenting with Bitcoins to accept payment from all over the world, says Samson. And anyone can buy a growing number of items through Bitcoin apps on their computers or smartphones.

The article may be read at

The SuperLife site will post new information on Bitcoin and other incarnations of digital money as the phenomenon develops.

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