Small Business Internet Marketing Tips And Tricks

Got a website but no traffic? Is your small business internet marketing ineffective? Consider these small business internet marketing tips and tricks to help drive traffic to your website:

* Get an automated eCommerce system – These can be really good, very comprehensive and very inexpensive. The good ones can do everything from customer base management to product management to shopping cart to newsletter broadcasts.

* Get a cheap and reliable merchant account provider – You can get merchant account providers that do both the merchant account and internet gateway for you. Hint: your bank is probably more expensive than the discount providers out there.

* Put a link back to your website in your email autosignature – This doesn’t need to be obnoxious, just a simple link that email recipients can click on to see your website.

* Do selective link trading – Link trade, but make sure the content on the other website is similar to your own. Don’t touch “link farms” with a ten-foot pole; search engines hate them.

* Write articles and include your website address – There are a number of article databases out there. Find some article databases which house content similar to yours and write a few articles. You’d be amazed at where your articles show up!

* Write newsletters – Allow for customers and visitors to subscribe to a newsletter to get regular visibility to you and your company.

* Consider using a search engine submission services – These services submit your site to multiple search engines & directories. Can be helpful particularly if your website is new.

* Set up an affiliates program – Allow for others to promote your products on a commission basis. Again a good eCommerce system should already have this built in.

* Download the Google Toolbar – The Google Toolbar has a nifty feature which shows you the page rank (0-10 scale) of every site you visit. The higher your page ranking the higher your placement in search engines.

* Set up multiple websites – Got three services you perform? Set up three different websites with domain names that match your keywords. Super cheap to do and can be very effective.

* Consider setting up a Google AdWords account – You pay on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis to get your website advertised. Can be effective but also can get very expensive.