Ring security basic plan will see a price hike next month

Ring security devices range from doorbells to floodlights and are among the more popular choices in the smart home space. Ring security footage often goes viral, from thwarted burglaries to catching delivery drivers not being so gentle with packages.

Amazon owns Ring security, and the company offers a monthly plan for users to monitor their devices remotely and save video footage for longer spans. Now, users can expect those plans to increase in price starting March 2024.

According to PC Mag, Amazon will be increasing the price of its basic Ring plan to $4.99/month or $49.99/year, an increase of $1 a month or $10 a year. That is a 25% increase over the current rate, and Amazon made a similar rate increase in June 2022.

Strangely though, Ring’s higher tier plans will not increase in price, this is only affecting the basic plan. The higher tier plans are significantly pricier and Amazon could raise rates for those later, but for now, basic users are going to see the hit.

This isn’t all that surprising, as the economy continues to impact many people. Costs of goods and services have been going up across the board. Food and energy are the most impacted, as many reports of McDonald’s Big Mac meals are nearing the $20 mark in some areas.

Ring security plans aren’t the only subscriptions being impacted either, Disney+ and other streaming services are increasing their monthly costs. We fully expect other services to increase pricing in 2024, and we expect many users to start dropping some of these services due to the increases.