Review of the 5 Best Free Antivirus Programs

“My computer got infected by a virus again” – This is definitely a phrase that many of us hear almost everyday by friends or colleagues. Computer spyware and viruses are very widely spread and are an inevitable part of your life. The best way to minimize the risk of your PC being infected by a virus is to install a good antivirus software suite. Here are some of the most effective free antivirus packages:

AVG Free Edition – This is definitely the program which has the simplest interface, so it is easy to work with even for the basic users. It is by default configured to regularly perform a malware and virus scan, which is a great extra for the general user.
Avira Free Antivirus – The program has a clean interface and daily automatic updates and scans which keep your computer constantly protected. The real time scanning stops any threats before they can even reach your hard drive.
Avast Free Antivirus – The latest version presented us with a new interface which has a slick look and easy navigation. The fast real-time scanning engine is definitely one of the best you can get for free, so this isn’t an antivirus suite which you should neglect. This is one of the lightest antivirus software suites so it runs smoothly even on low-end computers.
PC Tools Threat Fire Free – PC Tools is one of the most renowned names on the Internet when it comes to security programs. Although this antivirus software suite is free, it still has exceptional quality and effectiveness. This specific suite differs from most of the free antivirus tools as it uses a professional approach to fight malicious programs. The Threat Fire component scans for virus activity even before the virus reaches the PC, so you are perfectly safe using this application. And despite the many functions which this application offers, it doesn’t take up so much computer resources.
Panda Cloud Free Antivirus – This is a relatively new antivirus product and it is meant to be run on Windows Net Books also known as thin client PC’s. The Net Book style laptops are becoming more and more used, so such a free antivirus product is much needed by most of the users. The main problem of Net Books is that they have limited resources and can’t run general antivirus software suites, but the Panda Cloud Free Antivirus is optimized for computers with fewer resources. It doesn’t have as many features as other antivirus programs, but still does a decent job and is a trustworthy antivirus application.