Portable Video Phone Connects Parents With Son

A portable video phone kept us in visual touch with our son.

Erik was invited to go on a holiday to Mexico with his cousin, aunt and uncle. To say the least, he was excited. We were also excited for him and we were going to miss him a lot. Being that he is only 15 years old, staying in touch with him was very important to us, as it was to him. Naturally, we wanted to know that he was OK and what he was experiencing in Mexico.

We got a bright idea and sent a portable video phone with him on his trip. All he had to do was plug the phone into a high speed internet connection and we could communicate visually, to our heart’s content. This made a huge difference to all of us.

We call it video calling. We were able to see and talk to each other… on the video phone… in living color. It was remarkable how clear the picture and sound were. There was no “lag” or jumpy picture, as you might expect using VOIP technology.

Erik “showed” us the sunburn on his back. We could clearly see the sunburn on his nose and told him to put some lotion on it. We laughed about that. He “showed” us what his hotel room looked like and also the view from his hotel room. He “showed” us the beach and the ocean with the waves crashing in. We could even hear the sound of the waves.

Erik was able to call us toll free, anytime he wanted. His aunt, uncle and cousin were also able to make toll free calls to their family members and friends back home in Canada. All of their family and friends from home were able to call them in Mexico toll free as well. They could do this because the video phone number has the same area code as their own phone number back home.

We were able to really connect and have more “presence” with our son and relatives. Video conferencing with these phones allowed us to have a “real” connection with family. We experienced emotions that would be missing on a normal phone call. Video calling was like being in the same room with them. It was priceless.

Now that we’ve had this experience, we are replacing our traditional analog phone with this portable video phone. We are doing this because it’s better quality reception and it’s cheaper, not to mention the benefit of being able to see who we are talking with. We can take it with us anywhere we go.

Video phones are starting to catch on. And for good reason. The best one on the market sells for about $180. You can call unlimited almost anywhere in the world for about $33 a month. Because this new type of phone replaces your existing home phone, it just makes sense. It’s cheaper, it’s better, it’s light years ahead.

Like the introduction of personal computers, fax machines and cell phones, it’s a paradigm shift from what we’re all used to. We will all be communicating this way very shortly. Believe me, once you’ve have a video calling experience, you won’t be able to live without it. You’ll be demanding that your family and friends get onboard.

I’m not the first one to say, it’s the way of the future.

One caveat: Be aware of the pros and cons of this new technology and which products to avoid.

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