PayChute is BitChute’s new monetization platform

BitChute is one of the larger alternative video platforms on the internet. The company offers users an alternative to YouTube and Rumble and promises users have free speech and viewpoint neutrality. While the service hasn’t caught on in a big way, it still does have its user base. That user base now has a new monetization platform it can take advantage of called, PayChute.

PayChute offers an array of powerful tools that empower content creators, public intellectuals, and influencers to unlock their earning potential and engage with their audience in new ways. The platform includes subscription-based models, enabling creators to offer exclusive content to their most dedicated fans. Creators can set their subscription tiers and rates, giving them full control over their earning potential. One of the standout features of PayChute is the ability for viewers to tip or ChatBomb creators spontaneously. This feature fosters a direct and supportive relationship between creators and their audience.

PayChute is BitChute's new monetization platform
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ChatBomb is PayChute’s dynamic chat feature which enhances supporter and viewer engagement. With ChatBomb, viewers can pay to ask questions at any time within PayChute communities and—coming soon!—on creators’ BitChute livestreams. During livestreams, ChatBomb questions will be featured at the top of the recently introduced Rants & Raves chatbox, ensuring that they are seen and addressed promptly.

Subscriptions, tips, and ChatBombs are given to creators in the form of PayChute tokens. Purchasing tokens in batches allows users to minimize transactions fees and maximize privacy, all while enjoying the flexibility to tip and ChatBomb the creators of their choice according to their budgets and the value they receive.

Ray Vahey, the creator behind both BitChute and PayChute, shared his inspiration for the platform, saying, “I created PayChute as a means of escaping the constraints of biased funding platforms. With PayChute, creators have the autonomy to produce content without external influence, ensuring authenticity and alignment with their artistic vision. At BitChute, we are committed to providing a censorship-free environment where free speech and creative expression thrive. PayChute is the next step in that journey.”