Outsourcing After-Hours Telephone Service

Companies and organizations that conduct a majority of their business via the telephone will frequently face challenges where staffing is concerned. They will need to consider whether it is financially viable to pay for staff to “babysit” phones around the clock and whether this is going to improve their bottom line.

For example, a smaller mail order business may not offer business after traditional business hours in their time zone. This may frequently cost them orders and new customers because they are too difficult to get in touch with. What is the solution? Telephone answering services are the perfect answer to such needs. These are not just a remote receptionist service or some other sort of live answering service, but are professional organizations offering a full-range of solutions.

Whether a company, business, organization or individual requires order taking, appointment setting, order processing or telephone secretary service, a modern telephone answering service can supply what they need.

Consider that the best companies allow their staff to be fully trained in the client’s telephone protocols. This means that the receptionists answer according to the script provided by the customer. For example, that small mail order company mentioned earlier might submit a telephone script that requires all operators to answer the phone with: “XYZ Fruit Sellers, how may I help you?”

This means that the caller will be able to deal with the live answering service in exactly the same manner as if they were dealing with a member of the company’s full-time staff. This creates a huge amount of customer confidence, and will also help to increase profits and the overall size of the client base.

A modern phone answering service is not just an order taking service, and many offer staff that is fully compliant with medical guidelines and even training. For example, there are many services offering medical as well as business answering. This means they may provide fully trained nurses to offer reliable and legal answers to any questions that come in while the physicians and full-time staff are not on duty.

Choosing outsourcing for after-hours telephone services is a great way to improve the reputation and performance of almost any business. It is usually a great deal more cost effective than paying staff to monitor the phones in the actual, physical place of business and is usually very easy to arrange. An answering service has long been a good resource for any business, but today’s telephone answering services offer such an extensive range of support that it is almost impossible to imagine conducting business without them.