Open Source Software: From It Enthusiasts To Serious Web Development

One concept that has literally transformed websites development into a highly lucrative and competitive activity is “Open Source”. Open source is a general type of software license available to the general public with non-existent copyright restrictions. There are no restrictions on use or distribution by any user or organization. Open source helps build developer loyalty as custom web development experts feel empowered and have a sense of ownership to use it without any restrictions.

Open source software (OSS) is defined as a web and software development software for which a source code and certain other rights meet the open source definition. Open source software permits users to use, alter and improve the software and redistribute in a modified form. According to a report by the Standish group, open source software models have resulted in more than $50 billion savings per year to developers.

Advantages of Open Source Software:

Open source software helps website development services keep abreast of all technology developments

It involves less cost in marketing and logistical services

The OSS development has helped produce reliable high quality web applications quickly and inexpensively

It is reliable since independent programmers it can be modified for bug-fixing by several independent programmers

It is a better tool to promote an organizations image, including its commercial products

Who uses Open Source Software?

A few years ago, open source software was reserved only for IT enthusiasts and academic centers. But, today it is used in websites development and business environments. OSS has become a useful tool for web page development. The main reason for the success of open source software is the high price concerns of closed source software (conventional ‘packaged software’).

Nowadays, more medium and small size companies offer commercial support for the modification and implementation of open source software. Open source software boasts many advantages compared to closed source software in terms of security, quality and permanence.