Network Cable For Your Servers

Network cables are commonly used to physically connect servers and computers to allow the sharing of data. With the vast number of people want to connect to the internet on a daily basis, network cables will be used. If there is requirement of more than one computer to the same router, then make another network cable or two to make this work. Below are steps to make network cable.

– Cat 5 cable. you can buy a 1000 feet roll of Cat 5 cable at computer stores and industry supply houses for somewhere between 6 and 10 cents a foot, depending on the quality. Don’t be cheap, get the decent quality stuff. You don’t want to end up with network problems due to bad cables. Check to make sure that the color-coding on the wires is easily recognizable.

– Turn off all of your devices. Carefully remove the outer jacket of the cable. Be careful when stripping the jacket as to not nick or cut the internal wiring. One good way to do this is to cut lengthwise with snips or a knife along the side of the cable, away from you, about an inch toward the open end.

– Turn off your modem, router and computer. Keep all of your devices switched off for some time, then turn on your devices and wait till your modem and router pick up Internet signals. If you see lights blinking, it is an indication that your router and modem are working.

– Configure the settings on your router. Insert your start-up-wizard disc in your computer CD-ROM drive; the disc will guide you through the set-up process. Open your browser and type in the IP address. Once the homepage is displayed, enter your user name and password. You can also use the default user name and password settings given in the manual.

– Enter the IP address and subnet mask. This will consume some time, but it will make your home network secure. To make it more secure from being hacked, you need to change your password and SSID settings. Though most of the routers available today have built-in firewall systems and other security options, it is better to change your password and SSID settings to make your network secure.

Now, you can get these network cables online also. There are many such stores, which deliver you these product rights at your doorstep. Most of these stores have huge stocks of network cables like cat cable, patch panel, cat 6 cable, rj45 cable, crossover cable etc.