MeWe passes 5 million members and closes on US$4.5 million offering

We started covering the social media platform soon after we found out Google Plus was going to be closed.

The social media landscape is changing. Google Plus has closed and sites like Twitter and Facebook are losing the trust of their users. So where are people going to socialize online these days? The alternatives are broad but the choices people are making are slim. There are sites like Minds, The Horn, and Mastodon which have done decently well but MeWe has been the fastest growing of the bunch.

We started covering the social media platform soon after we found out Google Plus was going to be closed. I not only moved to the platform but I also moved the Techaeris brand page to the platform as well. Back in March, we reported that the platform had surpassed 4 million users and just 3-months later it has passed 5 million users.

The company is on track to have 30 million members by yearend and projects 150 million by the end of 2020. They have achieved 405% growth in 2018 and is already growing twice as fast on a daily basis in 2019. MeWe’s growth is organic and the company runs no paid marketing campaigns.

MeWe social media

MeWe’s advisory board includes Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Web, who says, “MeWe gives the power of the Internet back to the people with a platform built for collaboration and privacy.”

MeWe’s CEO, Mark Weinstein, is a leading privacy advocate and an original founder of social media. “It’s heartwarming to see MeWe achieve breakout success on a global scale. MeWe is built on trust, control and love for social media users worldwide. In the spirit of human camaraderie, MeWe is for everyone wanting social media to align with their principles on privacy, safety, and authentic, fun sharing of like-minded and disparate ideas.”

MeWe’s groundbreaking “Privacy Bill of Rights” guarantees members have total control of their data, newsfeeds and privacy. MeWe also safeguards its members with a strong Terms of Service designed to keep bad actors out.


The social media company has also closed on an offering of US$4.5 million bringing the total funds raised to US$15 million. So it looks like the business model is working. So far, our experience on the social media platform has been good. We’re a recognized and verified page on the platform and engagement has been tremendous.