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This proposal, to be submitted to government, shall describe all aspects of detailed plans of the livelihood recovery project for the May 2010 earthquake victims that are going to be undertaken by XXX Association for the period of 2010. This project, with a goal of a farmer community with a sustainable livelihood which can serve as the foundation of a resilient village, is targeted at farmer groups in Gunung Kidul District, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Similar to many farmer communities in Indonesia, farmer groups in Gunung Kidul District have not yet optimized their local potential. Lack of skills, in addition to lack of capital, has prohibited field intensification practices. Such were the conditions that initiated this project. Using capacity development approach, this project will provide farmers trainings, both technical and non-technical, assistance and capital disbursement needed for the development of better livelihood. This project is going to provide capacity building for farmer groups to strengthen their groups. Strong farmer groups will give local farmers better bargaining position and in the long run, have positive impact in improving their livelihood. Such efforts are chosen based on the local, indigenous resources as well as available potentials to finally increase the community’s income, reducing their vulnerability as well as developing their resilience in coping with future disaster threats.

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