Looking For More About the Progressive Commercial Girl

Is she really all that great looking? What is really so great about Stephanie Courtney? She is actually a virtual unknown until Progressive Insurance came out with a commercial. So now she’s the Progressive Commercial girl.

Although not spectacularly beautiful, Stephanie Courtney, the Progressive commercial girl, has been making waves over the internet. She started as a comedian and transformed into an actress. She has appeared in several bit roles or voice over roles in television.

The Progressive commercial is probably finally getting more recognition than she ever has before. After all the internet is global, and she is getting global attention.

Of all the people who have read about her, how many have actually seen the her in action? Being a commercial is really not a good gauge of one’s acting ability. With such a short exposure on the screen, it’s a wonder she even got noticed!

That just goes to show that either Progressive Insurance is working double time making sure there’s a buzz about Stephanie Courtney, or she really is one of the greatest actress of our time!

What do we really know about the new Progressive commercial girl? “Wow” – that’s her famous tag line. Isn’t that adorable? Of course, you have to hear it to appreciate it.

At any rate, the new commercial girl is the cashier named Flo is now the only Progressive commercial girl. She comes out as Flo in a series of Progressive commercial, always playing Flo, the cashier. Her character is gorgeous and charming. From the Progressive commercial, this girl has managed to book several TV appearances and is fast becoming an actress worth taking a second look at.

With all the great looking girls in Hollywood today, Stephanie Courtney is definitely going in the right direction, and doing it the right way. Viewership in television has dropped considerably with the introduction of the internet, so it just makes sense to try to make it big in cyber world as well as television. Great job, Stephanie. Super job, Progressive Insurance!