Infographic: Internet speed scores — How does your country match up?

What you may not know is that the country where you reside plays a huge role in delivering the internet speed that you are experiencing.

Does Netflix keep buffering? Does the latest and greatest Instagram post not load? Did you lag out seconds before completing a Fortnite Season 9 challenge? Does your internet speed have you down?

Here’s a solution for you…pack up your bags and move to a different country.

Okay, well, the solution doesn’t have to be that drastic. But, what you may not know is that the country where you reside plays a huge role in delivering the internet speed that you are experiencing.

Why does Internet Speed Vary?

Internet speed scores around the world vary for a variety of reasons, the main one being infrastructure. Typically, more developed countries have had greater network improvements and have more “internet infrastructure” (like Fiber Optic Cables) in place, which facilitates a better connection. Other geographic factors for internet speed include population density, as well as the level of competition between service providers in your area.

How is the Speed Measured?

The statistics measured and compared from country to country are your fixed broadband upload/download speeds (in Megabits Per Second). Essentially, this measures how much information can be downloaded (from the internet to your computer) or uploaded (from your computer to the internet) each second. A country with higher download or upload speeds is deemed to have “faster” internet than one with lower speeds.

The Price of Internet Also Varies

This will come as great news to some and terrible news to others, but the country you reside in also will determine how much you are paying for internet connection. Again, largely due to internet infrastructure, population density, and competition in the area, internet providers can charge as much or as little as they want, with minimal regulation. For instance, in Africa, a customer could be paying as much as $500 for one month of comparably slow internet. That is about 25x the cost the average customer pays in most parts of Asia!

Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed Infographic:

Since the internet’s inception in 1983, vast connectivity improvements have been made. Not all countries have been able to adapt as quickly to such changes, but as time goes on, one can only hope that the gap between faster and slower countries will diminish. For now, check out the infographic below to see how your country is faring, and if it really is time to pack the bags and move somewhere else!

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