Hughes Satellite Internet

Satellite technology has become a major platform for delivering entertainment and communication services to rural areas. Prior to the expansion of this service, rural-area customers relied mostly on dial-up networks to connect to the Internet, or had no Internet service at all. Hughes Satellite Internet was formerly known as Direcway and in some areas of Michigan the Direcway Internet satellites may still be in use. Hughes net internet grants satellite access to those customers. Michigan Satellite Internet contains areas that are unable to receive Cable or DSL Internet service. These areas are mostly rural and can be serviced with HughesNet Satellite Internet.

HughesNet satellite Internet has changed the landscape of rural Internet availability by providing a simple and economical way to enjoy high-speed Internet. In the time it takes to download a .5 MB file using dial-up, a hughes net broadband Internet connection can download that same file 55 times. Video and image files, software upgrades and MP3 files all download at blazing fast speeds with HughesNet!

And with a satellite installation, your phone lines will never be tied up, meaning no missed calls, busy signals or waiting to disconnect before talking. With speeds up to 50 times faster than Finally people in rural parts of Michigan can have complete access to high-speed internet from Hughes Net Satellite Internet.dial-up and an uninterrupted connection, HughesNet is the clear choice for today’s savvy Internet user.