How Do I Upload My Files Using An Ftp Software

Everyone knows FTP which stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is actually the standard Internet protocol for the transfer of files from the one place to the hosting server. FTP is built on client-server architecture and utilizes separate control and data connections between the client and server applications.

The FTP client is the software application which enables your PC to use an FTP connection to transfer files over the Internet, whereas the FTP Server is the host which provides you with the FTP service and which is where you can upload or download your files. There are right now a large number of FTP software available in the market ranging from CuteFTP to FileZilla, from paid version to free version. We also have open source script available for the users.

There are many programs that use FTP to upload files to the Internet. Virtually all web hosting services, however, support FTP (File Transfer Protocol) uploading. Very popular FTP client software is WS_FTP for windows. Now the rest of the article will show you how to upload a file using this client.

After you connect to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), run the WS_FTP program by double-clicking on its icon. Here you have to enter your FTP server information like user ID provides to you and password for authenticating your true identity. When the WS_FTP window opens up, data and information that is stored on your computer will be appearing on the left side and information and data present already present on the server will be appearing on the right side of the window.

For each side, you can change directories, make directories, view files, and perform other functions. To start uploading files from your computer to the server click on the particular files, select them and then click on the right arrow in the centre of the window. You will have uploaded your files in this manner.

Still there are lot more things which you can do with the FTP software that you have and if I go on explaining those it would be a complete book to write for me.