How C Programming Has Contributed in Developing iPhone Applications?

Revolutionary Ideas of iPhone Applications

Apple was the first cell phone manufacturer to introduce the idea of Application Stores for mobile phones. With its legendary iPhone device, the manufacturer made it possible for the users to create and install their own web interactive iPhone applications. Objective-C is the main contributing language for defining new paradigms for mobile applications, developed for iPhone.

Three Important Platforms

The iPhone mobile application development has been facilitated by three important platforms, which are:

Software Development Kit (SDK) for iPhone

Cocoa touch development framework

Objective C development language.

With the contribution of these three platforms, the iPhone application developers have been able to add wonderful applications to the App store.

Application Created Using Objective C

The iPhone applications created using Objective C language offer a number of advantages, like:

They are highly interactive and thus, completely involve the interest of the cell phone user.

The objective-C based applications are dynamic in nature.

These applications don’t require recompilation, while the execution is taking place.

Popularity of Objective-C

Objective-C was developed way back in 1980s and thus, being an old platform, it has significantly contributed towards iPhone open application development. So, what makes the language so much popular for developing iPhone applications? The answer lies in important features of the language:

Object oriented programming languages have always been the powerful platforms for the development of easy, but advanced applications. Objective-C also follows the object oriented approach. Interactive user interface is another important feature of objective-C, making it a convenient platform for interactive application development. Being an extension of C language, it is easy to understand and adopt, even for the novice application developers.

Learning Objective-C

As mentioned earlier, objective-C is an easy to learn platform. If you are well-versed with C or any other language based on C, you can easily learn objective-C and use it to develop applications for iPhone. Apart from iPhone, the language is also used for application development on Mac operating system. You can find some good books online to begin the process of learning the language responsible for iPhone revolution.