Health Insurance Reform in 2009

In the 2009 Elections, US President Barack Obama is giving utmost importance to health care reforms and he has clearly mentioned that healthcare has to be afforded by everyone and it cannot continue to be expensive. In the current scenario, unemployment is increasing at an alarming rate and several families are being denied access to basic health care because the health insurance provided by the employer is no longer available to them. Also, several corporate are decreasing the premium amounts and increasing the copay and the deductible for the employees to pay in order to cut group insurance costs.

Given these circumstances, President Obama has made a bold claim that he is going to reduce the insurance and health care costs effectively. This reform is yet to come and people are yet to get the benefits of this Presidential statement.

People who do not have a job in these circumstances can look towards group insurance plans being offered by some membership organizations. However, breaking into these membership organizations is easier said than done. Another way they can look at cutting insurance costs is to get individual insurance if they lose their job. Being without insurance is the highest financial risk and even a small sickness could leave a person bankrupt. Some insurance even if it is a basic coverage should be held by people.

To be eligible for Medicaid people should fall under the poverty line and only then will they be covered by the government. In order to avoid thousands of dollars as medical bill, keep an insurance coverage plan handy with you.