Green Cleaning Solutions: Maintain a Clean Polished Look without Harming the Environment

Everyone wants to look their best when they walk out the door each day. Whether you’re just taking a trip to the grocery store or heading into work, how you look on the outside is often a reflection of how you feel and who you are. However, many can agree that in order to look as good as we do leaving our homes each day; we utilize a lot of chemicals to get the job done.

So how can one reduce the amount of chemicals used to do things like clean their clothes, jewelry, and/shoes without harming the environment (or themselves as chemicals can sometimes lead to adverse reactions to the skin)? Check out these green cleaning solutions listed below:

Cleaning Your Clothes
Everyone enjoys the smell of freshly cleaned clothes; however, there are several clothing detergents that are comprised of harmful chemicals to the environment and to the skin. Did you know that there are some laundry detergents that are petroleum based, while some dryer sheets are made from tallow (animal fat)? If you want to get the same fresh scent and clean results without the harmful ingredients, there are more and more eco-friendly detergent products on the market that you can invest in. For those that are really looking to go green, making your own detergent is pretty simple as well.

For those who are really looking to turn their home into a green zone, investing in washers and dryers that are Energy Star rated is another way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money as well. There are also eco-friendly washing machines. These washers are able to use a lot less water than traditional washers and also conserve energy consumption making it a dual method of saving. When it’s time to dry your clothes, allowing them to air dry is ultimately the best way to reduce energy consumption.

Cleaning Your Jewelry
Who doesn’t own a piece of jewelry that they love to put on? Whether it’s a watch, a diamond wedding ring, or a pair of earrings, most of us love to have a piece of gold or silver on when we are headed out of the house. However, over time, the jewelry’s appearance can begin to fade. The diamond clarity now appears dull, the metal begins to tarnish, or a buildup of debris begins to congregate in the nooks and crannies of the intricate pieces of jewelry. Rather than using harsh chemicals on your jewelry or paying an arm and a leg to have a jeweler clean it, you could always do it yourself.

There are plenty of easy and eco-friendly methods that allow you to have flawless looking jewelry without the harshness of certain products. Some of those methods might include: creating your own soaps, toothpaste and baking soda for jewels, boiling your jewelry in water, or investing in eco-friendly jewelry cleaning products.

Shining/Cleaning Shoes
For a complete polished look, you need to have footwear that looks decent. Walking out of the house with a nice outfit, accenting jewelry and dirty shoes will get you a few stares. So to finish off your look while still doing your part to help the environment (and yourself), you’ll need a green shoe cleaning/shining regimen. Shoe polish can sometimes contain chemicals that can be absorbed into your skin which is never a good thing.

To clean your shoes, using plant based soaps or homemade soaps is often your best option to remove all of the debris. Once the shoes have been cleaned and dried, then you’ll need to shine them up for a polished finish. Instead of purchasing shoe polish, all you need is a little olive oil and a gentle rag or sponge.

So there you have it folks! These are all great alternatives to cleaning your clothes, jewelry, and shoes without damaging the environment or your health. Now you can step out of your home knowing that you look good, smell good, and feel good while still doing your part to help the environment.