Google Webmaster Tools Offers Geographic Targeting of Website

Taming Google search results for Geographic location had become frustrating for Webmasters and SEO experts. It is a known fact that Google search results are tweaked based on the location of the searcher, and this phenomenon is caused due to Google algorithm which produces different search results depending on from where the internet user is searching.

Google Webmaster Tools Geographic Targeting Feature

This feature has been introduced with Google webmaster Tool to help webmasters tell the search engine their targeting location.

Effect of Geographic Targeting using Google Webmaster Tool

A few tests have revealed that setting this can effect your search results when a user searches from that location. Although if you are targeting global audience it is advisable not to use this feature as it may have adverse effect.

Factors that contribute to Geographic Search results on Google

Here is a list of some factors that are often perceived as the guiding force for different results by Google by geographic location.

1. : This information tells Google that the website probably belongs to that location, but there are exceptions to that.

2. Extension of the Domain Name: A website which has a country specific domain extension like or co. in will rank better in UK and India respectively.

3. Keyword Usage on the website: This can also contribute to the changes in ranking algorithm, for example if you are using too much of India or UK in your website it is perceived by Google that the website is targeting that location.

The Google Webmaster Tools Geographic Targeting feature is step forward in helping webmaster target their visitors more effectively and making the web a better place.