Google Loves Old Domain Names

I know for a fact that Google loves old domain names. How do I know this? Because I have built many websites upon old domains, and the instant traffic this gives me is unbelievable. Any content that I place on these older domains gets ranked highly in the SERPS, even when I have done little to no backlink promoting. Let’s discuss how to buy an old domain name, what to put on your site, and how to cash in on the amazing traffic you will get.

Since we want all of the free traffic from Google that we can get, we’re going to go shopping for an old domain name. There are plenty of places to do this, but I personally like to deal with a domain broker that is personal and accessible in case something goes wrong. Just do a search on webmaster forums and head to their “domains for sale” section. It won’t take you long to figure out who is the most reputable domain broker on the forum. Then send him a message letting him know what you are looking for. Of course you want your primary keyword term in the domain name, but you may end up picking a new niche once you find out what domains he has available. In general, the older the domain the better. You also want to try to make sure that this domain hasn’t been heavily penalized in the past.

Now you need to decide what type of content to put on your new site on the old domain name. This brings us back to the point on the keyword in the domain name. Let’s say that your new site is antiquecars(dot)com, so obviously you need to focus on antique cars. Additionally you need to do some research on long tail keywords to determine other related searches that will bring an a bunch of visitors. Once you have figured out all of the keywords that you need to attack, just build a page on each of those that will draw in the masses.

Now that you have bought your old domain name, done your keyword research, and have built many pages that target each keyword, it’s time to monetize your site. You have plenty of choices on how to make money on your site, but the two options that are most commonly used are AdSense and various affiliates. For AdSense you just need to get an account with Google and figure out where to place the ads. For affiliates you need to get an account at several affiliate companies such as Commission Junction, figure out which advertisers have the goods your customers will want, apply to become their affiliate, and then place their ads on your site.

Using old domain names for your new sites will work wonders for you. Once you see the instant traffic and high rankings you will get, it’s likely that you will never register a new domain again.