Google Advertising Professional Exam Basics

In order to become what is considered an “advertising professional”, one must take and successfully pass the Google Advertising Professional Exam. This test was designed in order to discover the working knowledge of AdWords with Google. It will test whether you have a basic or advanced knowledge of AdWords, and provide you with the results of your testing. Prior to committing to this particular test, it is essential that you have experience with AdWords. If you do not have that much experience in this particular internet concept, it is essential that you study diligently prior to participating in the Google Advertising Professional Exam.

When preparing for your Google Advertising Professional Exam, you will find that the internet provides a wealth of information to help support you during your preparation. The first way that you can prepare for your exam is to check out the support page on Google that has an in depth learning center. By visiting this website, you can effectively study and prepare for your exam. Additionally, there are many online resources in other areas of the net that focus on teaching you various essentials to passing the Google Advertising Professional Exam.

In order to sign up to schedule your exam, you must visit the website that promotes the registration process. In order to successfully complete the process of registering for the exam, it is essential that you have the customer identification number that is associated with the Client Center Customer program. Once all the information is completed, you can start the exam immediately thereafter.

If you are not an English speaker, there is no problem in taking the Google Advertising Professional Exam as it is offered in a variety of languages. Some of the languages that you can find this particular exam in are as follows: Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and more. If you speak Hebrew, it is essential that you understand that the exam is not written in this language. Therefore, it may be best if you have a translator available at the time that you choose to take the Google Advertising Professional Exam.

Many people are curious about the price that is related to the Google Advertising Professional Exam. It is actually relatively inexpensive, costing only $50.00 in United States Currency. Normally, you must pay for the purchase of the exam by submitting your credit card information. If you fail the exam, you must pay the full cost of the exam each additional time that you take it. You must make at least a 75% or higher to pass this test. You are only permitted to take this exam twice in a one month period.

You will have a total of an hour and a half to complete the testing. This exam has a total of one hundred questions. You must ensure that you have this amount of time available to complete the testing. If you do not, it is essential that you dedicate the time for a future date. If you believe that you may be interrupted or distracted in any way whatsoever, it is important to not attempt to take the test. The timer that is attached to the exam will not allow you to pause the testing procedure.