Free photo editing with Paint.Net

Difficult to disentangle in the dense jungle of editing programs, and especially impossible to use for many novice users, level of difficulty for the purchase price, some of the most famous among the paid software such as Photoshop or Corel Draw. Today we offer an excellent freeware for all users, novice and otherwise, that offers interesting features and enormous potential for use … is available for download on the site GetPaint.

Its low use of resources allows you to install software on machines not too recent, these are the main system requirements:

500 MHz processor
256 MB Ram
200 MB free hard disk space
. NET Framework 2.0
Windows XP / Vista / Server

The installation package is multilingual and includes Italian.

After the easy installation of the program welcomes us a simple graphical interface and intuitive.

To better organize our “work table” we can insert or remove a desired number of features that could make us comfortable or not, then going to the menu item “Window” you can click on the various options provided.
Worth a special mention tool “Levels” that allows you to work on a particular image on multiple levels, modes necessary to perform simple tasks photomontages or computer graphics.

The ubiquitous Tools window has other interesting features, including the well-known magic wand that allows us to select the image and extract a precise particular, through a simple adjustment in the allowance for selection.
Note to more experienced graphic also the “Clone” from which we can magically fill all the details, very used to obscure the logos on the image of a product.

Paint.Net as the most popular photo editing software also implements functions for image resizing, various settings of the tone and the ability to balance artistic effects that will transform our image surprisingly in an oil painting or a draft in pencil.

We recommend that you try the software for those who want an alternative to the usual suspects, you’ll be amazed yourself as the computer remained the main portal from which he received several “Editor’s Pick”.


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