Free Database Security Software

Many database security users are not that capable or they are not willing to pay in order to buy an expensive yet effective database security program. In order to attain what they need, they opt for much cheaper but risky option. They search for such database products which are freely available on the internet.

Such products don’t ensure a virus free delivery of the product. They might harm your system or they might be fake and don’t work properly, causing you some serious lose. But if you have some good free time and you are determined to find one good free online product, then all you need to do is be calm and look for it on web. You will find one as there are many such free programs available for you.

Free database security products for different OS and Platforms

Here, I am going to talk about a few free database security software, which are available for you online.

MySQL Database Server – Available on internet for free download, is one of the best database security programs that have been created so far. All you need to do is search it on Google and you will find it. It works for MAC users.

iSQL-Viewer – Available for Java platform, is another one such unique program available online. You can buy it from the same link if you like it. It is a JDBC 2/3 compliant database front end written on Java.

Schedulow Online – This software works for Windows. It is a very popular freeware available online. You can buy the licensed version of it in case it works fine for you. It is suitable for both businessmen and individuals.

My Info Safe – Works again on the Windows OS. It can keep all the personal files including financial details, passwords and other sorts of information safely. It has rated highly by the editors and the users as well.

These were few very popular freeware available online. You can easily find them sing Google search. They are easy to adapt and very useful and secure. You can rely on these database security software and can easily go around working hazel free.

They are also available with their licensed version too but again, here, you will have to buy them. So better to use the freeware stuff and make sure that you like it. In case you find them worth spending money then go ahead and purchase the life time security for your database.