Customized Wedding Programs

A wedding ceremony is the loveliest day in a couple’s lives and they want it to be perfect. The ceremony and the reception program should be flawless so they make it a point to hire somebody for their event program printing. The program printing can be tricky because all the parts of the program should be included in it, including speaking lines. Of course, there are surprises, like if the groom decides to render a special number for his bride, but that is beside the point.

Most desktop publishing houses have ready-made templates for wedding programs and these are just easily replaced with the text that the couple will intend to use on their wedding day. The couple will just have to choose the design of the cover from among the many images that they have. The artist or operator will then key in the names of the couple, the date, and the venue of the wedding and reception. As for the inside pages, the couple will have to decide on the font and color for the printing as well as the paper to be used.

But there are also customized wedding programs that couples can use if they want their programs to match their motifs. For example, they have their own layout of their photos and a logo of their initials that are used in their album cover, their AVP opening slide, their photo autograph frame, as well as their other collaterals. They want this design to be on the cover of their wedding program. Additionally, aside from the usual printing in the inside pages, they could have special inserts. They may also opt to change the stitching from staples to just tying the pages with a ribbon. It could be anything to make the program special.

While for some this is already too much, but this is for couples who are really concerned with the different details of their wedding. Everything has to match, from the stage backdrop, the floral arrangements, the entourage, the albums, the videos, and all. These materials do not just follow a theme but also a flavor that speaks about what the couple is interested in.

Most customized wedding programs could come in booklets but there are also those that use different materials such as boards, rubber splice, metal plate, or a combination of many things. These are usually hand-crafted and will require hiring artists specializing in a certain media, such as shell craft. These kinds of programs could be pricey but they could also double as the wedding souvenir already because the program serves a two in one purpose.

It is nice to put your thought into your wedding program printing because as the guests read it, they are also taking part in the ceremony. They read it together with the priest or officiating minister. At the reception, they will also get to know your love story and all. Though there are those that take their event program printing for granted, go out of the norm and make yours customized and special. It is not just for your guests but you can also keep it as a very nice wedding keepsake to remind you of what transpired during your most special day. In fact, you can even read through it when you celebrate, let’s say, your fifth anniversary just so you can relive the romantic moment.

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