compared to Custom Website Design

One need to first clear the mind of misconception that website design is not the same as web site development but the former can be a part of the later. The later terminology refers to various aspects like web page design, updating and upgrading, use of technology for quick downloading and easy navigation, layout and the strategies for search engine optimization.
Web site design, especially the home page is the face of the website. The efficiency and revenue generated by the website depends directly on the impact of the design. A website owner can either use the web site template or custom website design. The business identity should be clear about what it expects from the website.
A website based on the template is never as flexible as the custom web site. A template restricts the range of content that can be embedded in the website. On the other hand a custom web design is designed to be flexible and able to accommodate the updating or upgrading.
The search engines hardly take a note of the template web design, whereas a right blend of text content and visual content in the custom web design is not only user friendly but also search engine friendly and this helps the website to feature top on the search engine list.
The layout in the template website is common because the template is constant. Custom website has each and every page designed to be unique. The appearance is very vital for making the visitor stick to the website and buy what is being offered by the website.
A template website is not unique and fails to generate as much business as the custom website.
When it is about costing, the template website is cheaper than the custom website but in the longer run proves to be more expensive, especially with reference to competition and conversion of a visitor into buyer.
A template website gives an impression that the website owner does not have any money to spend on the customer. This can be detrimental for future business prospects. On the other hand customized website give an impression that the website is designed after considering the preferences of the prospective buyer.
While the technology used for custom web design can be altered to reduce the speed of downloading, there is hardly any scope of such amendments in the template website.
The only good thing about template website is that its cost effectiveness offers a momentary respite to the business identity especially if running short on the finances. If majority of business of the business identity is offline, the template web design can serve the purpose for a short duration.
When it comes to flexibility, uniqueness and long term return on investment a custom website is the best option. It’s better to consult a professional custom website development company.