Cash Back Platinum MasterCard With No Hassle Rewards – Review

In 1988 Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris started the Capital One Financial Corporation. Focused on exclusively serving domestic credit customers during their first few years of operation, they took a giant risk, by not diversifying their product line into more stable ventures. This risk paid off, though, and now there are many kinds of Capital One Canada Cards that accommodate every kind of credit customer.

Cash Back Platinum MasterCard with No Hassle Rewards

When considering which of the many Capital One Canada Cards might best take advantage of your excellent credit score, you should also consider the Cash Back Platinum Master Card with No Hassle Rewards. While most other Capital One cards offer interesting incentives like airline miles and other travel rewards, nothing is quite the same as getting a significant rebate check.

With a highly competitive interest rate, you will find that you not only make money back just for using your card on standard purchases, but you will also save money every month too, since you won’t need to adjust your payments to compensate the rate quite as much.

As a No Hassle Rewards MasterCard, your rewards never expire, which gives you more time to decide how you want to use them. Again, rebate checks are always fun to get, but you could just as easily assign the rebate directly to your balance, giving you more room to play with.

While you get to keep your points for the entire life of your account, there is no limit to the amount of rewards you can earn with this Capital One Platinum Master Card.