Can one really get custom-made open source software on the Internet

The answer is an emphatic yes. Many people are under the impression that open-source software is an option only to be used when there is no in-house solution for a technological problem. One would be surprised to know that many companies are going in for open source software which is subsequently made to suit their own requirements. This software is known as custom-made open source software. Why companies like Linux are going in for open-source Linux software is because many technological giants can afford to buy the software according to their requirements and off the shelf, but the ordinary people are looking for options in which they can save a lot of money as well as get the functions that they require in their software. That is why it is quite sensible to look for places where you can get open source Linux software and open source Windows software and then get them customized according to your requirements to get the perfect user custom software. This can be done by us. There are many cases when you are not going to get your software off the shelf. All you have to do is browse through our catalogs and look at the list of software which we have. If any of the software meets your requirements, you can buy it from us. Then you can get it modified according to your requirements from us! That is what custom-made open source software is all about. The same thing goes for modifications in open source Perl scripts and PHP scripts.

Now take the example of software which you have just bought online or downloaded from the company website. After a couple of days of work, on the software, you find yourself extremely satisfied with its functioning. The software is extremely useful. Suddenly you find a message popping up every 5 seconds, asking you to buy the software and register the license number, before you can proceed any further in the proceedings. You get so irritated that you remove the software from your computer and start looking on the Internet for other options which do not annoy you so often. But if you come to us, we can modify your software according to your requirements so that it does not keep wondering if you have registered or not instead of continuing with its normal function of designing your website, doing your accounting or doing your online selling for you. All this is done in a completely professional manner to give you complete satisfaction and full value for your money. So if you want your open source Windows software and your open-source Linux software made into customized open-source software, according to your requirements and specifications, come to us!