Benefits of Video Conferencing With Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses can make or break a case, and the best ones could be located hundreds or thousands of miles away! Even if your firm has the resources to fly the expert witness to your location, many experts are simply too busy to travel or unwilling to do so because of the time commitment and hassles involved. Video conferencing solves this problem, and a few others, too.

Video Conferences Connect Expert Witnesses with Attorneys

When an expert witness balks at the idea of traveling in order to provide expertise in your case, you have several choices: provide additional incentives, look for another expert, or book a video conference. Additional incentives cost money and it’s doubtful the expert will bite. After all, the main objection usually centers on time and inconvenience. The expert’s schedule may be such that taking a trip simply isn’t feasible. Looking for another expert isn’t always an option for your firm, leaving booking a video conference a compromise with real promise.

Video Conferencing Benefit #1

Offering a video conference option could persuade an otherwise reluctant expert witness to agree to a meeting. From the expert’s perspective, all he needs to do is sit in front of a camera for a short amount of time and answer a few questions. When compared to booking a flight, traveling across country, staying in a hotel overnight, spending time in an unfamiliar city, speaking in front of other people, and then returning home where work has piled up in his absence, a video conference is appealing.

Video Conferencing Benefit #2

In addition to offering the expert witness the convenience of video conferencing, you can also include your partners and colleagues involved in the case. They too can participate remotely. For example, live video conferencing streaming video, instant messaging features, and even live transcript text can be incorporated into the video conferencing service that you use.

Video Conferencing Benefit #3

Another compelling benefit involves the video nature of the conference – you can record the meeting! This is a terrific way to ensure that the witness demonstrates “camera appeal” and exudes credibility while on camera. Let’s face it, some people, no matter how accomplished they may be, simply freeze in front of the camera or when required to speak in public. Wouldn’t you rather find out that an expert witness performs poorly at this stage of the case?

Other benefits include the cost advantage over travel and the ability to communicate with the expert witness throughout the case as needed without requiring additional travel. With so many benefits, many attorneys have embraced video conferencing with expert witnesses located locally and beyond. Have you?