Benefits of Facebook Advertising to Your Business

It’s really difficult to get some exposure to your business whether it’s offline or online. You also want those that are really interested in buying your products or services.

Maybe you’ve used all the traditional advertising methods such as SEO, writing some press releases, article marketing, paid advertising like PPC.

But have you thought about using Facebook to get potential customers? If not then you’re really limiting your exposure because this can be a great source of targeted customers. The kind that you won’t get by implementing common marketing methods.

What’s Facebook advertising and why should you even bother with it?

If you’ve been inside Facebook then you’ve probably seen them. These are the ads that you can find on the right side of your Facebook pages. And most of the ads that are posted will generally be interesting and enjoyable to you.

You won’t see the same ads as everyone else that’s using Facebook at that time. The ads you’re seeing are the ones that are specifically focused to the information that Facebook used from your options and other different sources.

These ads are simple but at the same time they’re very powerful. Each one will have a title, text block and an image of your choice. These elements will all fit within a one hundred ten by eighty pixel box so it can fit right into the vertical right sidebar of Facebook.

So what are the benefits that you can get with Facebook advertising?

The biggest benefit that you can get with Facebook ads is the social networking aspect and the trending power. The clicks are also cheaper when you compare it to more traditional paid advertisements like using Google AdWords for PPC. There are also many horror stories where beginners get burned because they’re not careful with the cost per click of their PPC campaigns.

However, this is not a suggestion to replace Google AdWords and you really shouldn’t think about that. Your Facebook ads can also be exposed in mobile phones which is getting a more usage as years pass by.

Another point to consider Facebook advertising is that you can introduce a graphic element to your ads. It’s clear that showing images or photos can really increase the interest of a reader.

One last thing that’s a huge benefit is that you can write longer text in your Facebook ads. In Google AdWords, you can only write just over 70 words. In Facebook, you can write a headline that’s over 20 characters and over 130 words for the body copy.