Benefits Of Debt Consolidation

If you have never considered a personal debt consolidation loan, maybe now’s the time. Each year, millions of people file bankruptcy as a means of eliminating their consumer debts. Although bankruptcy may seem like an easy fix to credit problems, the effects are long-term. Before taking drastic measures, explore other debt reduction options.

Understanding Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation loans are intended to help people manage their credit, and pay off debts sooner. Without consolidating debts, some people are able to reduce their debts. However, this long process takes several years. Instead of paying on a high interest credit card for ten or twenty years, it may be more beneficial to consolidate debts. This way, the balance in paid within a few years

Convenient and Lower Monthly Payments

The convenience of a debt consolidation loan is an attractive feature. If you are burden with several creditors, making payments to various lenders may be time consuming and frustrating. Furthermore, having too many creditors makes it easier to forget a payment.

Through debt consolidation, all your credit balances are combined into one loan. This alleviates submitting several payments each month. Rather, you make one payment to the debt consolidation lender.

Debt Consolidation lowers monthly debt payments by reducing interest rates. For example, if you have four high interest credit cards, minimum monthly payments for all four credit accounts may be around $200. However, if you consolidate the four balances and obtain an interest rate of 9 or 10 percent, monthly payments may be reduced up to 50 percent.

More Money Goes to Reducing the Principle

Many people are unable to reduce their credit card balances due to high interest rates. In some instances, the minimum payment is lower than the finance fees. Thus, the balance continually increases, even if you are not using the credit card.

By obtaining a lower interest rate, a large portion of your monthly payment is applied to the principle balance. If possible, attempt to secure a debt consolidation loan with an introductory zero percent interest rate.

Restores Credit Rating

If your credit score was suffering because of late payments or a exceeding credit limit, a debt consolidation may quickly improve credit score. A better credit rating will make you eligible for lower rates on home loans, auto loans, etc.