Basic Needs of Industrial Workers

Every industrial worker has one need or the other, which must be met by employers to facilitate higher productivity and industrial harmony. Meeting all the needs of industrial workers may however not be practicable, but important. It is however sad to note that most employers of labor either due to ignorance or deliberate intention fail in their duty to ensure that workers ensure these basic needs.
One of such needs is good wages, which must be commensurate with the overall input of the workforce. A good wage will go a long way to meet the basic needs of a worker and to ensure that he/she is able to cater for the family. Majority of employees are either underpaid or are forced to accept peanuts as wages due to the present harsh economic situation ravaging the entire continent.
Secondly, employees desire good working environment devoid of noise, danger and unwholesome distractions. A good working environment will facilitate the smooth movement of workers and provide a veritable platform for them to perform to their optimum. When the working environment is not friendly, it may hamper the performance of employees and can even lead to casualty if not properly handled. A good working environment is a catalyst to high productivity and performance.
Employees also desire proper Medicare for themselves and members of their family. Sickness is one of the most frequent occurrences in the work place and a proper medical facility for the care of the workers and their siblings will help ease the stress and burden of ensuring that productivity is kept at its maximum. The establishment of a medical clinic and First Aid center is not only necessary, but compulsory in any every establishment.
Safety wears like hard hat, safety boot, protective clothing and ear muff are also important items needed by industrial workers. These items can help save the individuals in time of accident. Apart from the fact that the workers benefits from such safety wears, downtime due to injuries sustained by personals is greatly reduced. Care must however be taken to ensure that these safety wears are of standard quality internationally.
Finally, training and development of workers is one of the most pressing needs in most industrial installations. When a workforce is not trained in the latest trend in the industry, it will lead to stunted growth and low productivity. Development involves ensuring that the work force is made to update their knowledge especially with regard to new inventions in the industry.