Are You Looking To Buy A Digital Camera

I have been looking to buy a digital camera for some time now, but there are so many choices I was confused as to my best choice. One of my ideas was to find the best digital camera under $200. So, I decided to do some research for myself and locate one that satisfies my needs. There are so many good cameras available and it took me some time to discover one that has all the features I wanted in a camera. I didn’t have very much knowledge about the different features of the newest cameras, so it was a good exercise in learning about them. My extensive research finally led me to decide that the Canon PowerShot SD1300IS was my best choice.

What to Look for When Buying a Digital Camera

Being a novice – I soon discovered there are several terms I had to research to understand the importance of the features of a digital camera. Here’s a few:

• Wide-angle lens, 4x optical zoom
• Optical Image Stabilizer
• Smart Auto Mode
• 12.1 MP
• LCD Screen

If you just buy a camera based on price alone, you probably won’t have the features you’d like to have when it comes to taking great pictures. So stick with me as I explain what those letters and features all mean in relation to the Canon PowerShot SD1300IS camera.

Why Wide Angle Lens?

You have several ways to use a wide angle lens. First, it gives you the ability to fit a very large view, like a colorful autumn forest, all in one picture. You aren’t focusing on each individual tree but the overall beauty of the forest. With the added zoom feature, you can push the background away and pull the beauty of one red maple tree’s leaves into the picture. It is like having the ability to focus wide at the entire landscape and also zoom in to have the brilliant color of one branch of leaves. The Canon PowerShot has a 28mm wide-angle lens with a 4x optical zoom giving you the ability to get razor sharp pictures with life-like color. You can capture the forest and a squirrel scampering up the tree.

What is an Optical Image Stabilizer?

This feature was made just for me. Well, maybe not, but it is most definitely necessary for me — to take crisp, sharp pictures every time. Almost by magic, but really from research and technology, an Optical Image Stabilizer automatically detects and corrects camera shake. Now, camera shake is when I’m not holding the camera still and my pictures come out fuzzy or blurry. The Canon technology makes it possible to have perfect pictures either with a flash or without, zoomed in or far away.

My Favorite-Smart Auto Mode

In the past, I read manuals, looked at all the choices, and still couldn’t figure out which setting to choose. Smart auto mode takes out all the guess work and lets me focus on where to point the camera. This advanced technology analyzes the shooting conditions, too much light, not enough light and selects the best picture taking mode. With 18 different choices, I’m happy to have a camera that is smarter than I am. The Canon Advanced technology gives you the ability to photograph close-ups of flowers and then capture the sunset, creating memorable pictures.

What is a Pixel and Do We Have Enough?

A pixel is what pictures are made up of – little dots. Pixel is PICture ELement. If you have enough, you have a picture. The more pixels a camera has — the larger you can print a picture and have it still look great. With the PowerShot SD1300IS, the 12.1 Megapixel high-resolution gives you the ability to enlarge your pictures up to 13×19 inches. You can have your family photos enlarged and displayed with pride.

What Am I Looking At?

The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen on a digital camera allows you to frame your shots. You want one that is durable and scratch-resistant and has anti-reflective coating; also having a Night Display will make it easy viewing in low lighting. The Canon PowerShot gives you all of these features and has a bright, clear 2.7 inch screen. Canon’s Pure Color System gives you great color, resolution and contrast even when you are looking at an angle.


Here are more letters to decipher. Digital cameras do not use film but instead have image sensors. ISO numbers tell you how sensitive the image sensor is to the lighting available. Do you remember purchasing different speeds of film for your 35mm camera? I never had the right speed in the camera at the right time. With ISO and digital technology you can easily have all the different speeds all the time. In other words, you can take fantastic pictures in dimly lit places. The camera will automatically change the ISO for you. Now, it is important to have high ISO numbers available to you for the best results. Some ‘entry-level- cameras’ have only one ISO, usually 64 or 100. The Canon PowerShot camera has an ISO of 400-6400 in its Low Light mode. Go ahead and take the picture by the campfire, street light or candle, you’ll have a picture to cherish, one with clarity and incredible color.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

Remember I was looking for the best digital camera under $200? Well, the Canon PowerShot SD1300IS is available on the Canon website for$199.99 but you shouldn’t have to pay that much. The cheapest I’ve seen is on Amazon who consistently sells this digital camera for under $175.00.

What’s In the Box?

• PowerShot SD1300 IS Digital ELPH Body
• Lithium-ion Battery Pack NB-6L
• Battery Charger CB-2LY
• Wrist Strap WS-DC7
• Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM
• USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU
• AV Cable AVC-DC400

Is There a Warranty?

Yes, the Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS includes a 1 year warranty.

What Are Other People Saying?

This digital camera has received great reviews from most consumers on the internet with an average of 4.5 out of 5 from most reviewers on Amazon and the Canon website itself.

Here are some comments to date:

• Works great. Amazing photos, it is easy to use.
• I would recommend to anyone looking for a point and shoot camera with no fussing.
• What a camera!! The pics are beautiful and the options are amazing, this is definitely the best of non-touch screen, digital camera. The design is also nice and the size is perfect.
• If you need something that is user friendly and ready to go, then you want this camera.
• I love this camera! I’m a REALTOR and use the wide angle to capture views of properties and yards. Wonderful and compact.
• Easily fit into your pocket, well built/designed, and takes great pictures.