An Alternative to Netsuite?

Is there currently a SaaS offering that is an alternative to Netsuite? Yes! The answer is WinWeb. WinWeb gives you transformational enterprise level cloud computing for your growing business. One unified business management suite, combining traditional back-office, social media, web services, customer care, online & offline multi-channel sales and fulfilment activities. WinWeb CLOUD supports you and your team through the whole business cycle with all the tools you need in one simple, customised cloud interface. Giving your business a limitless, scalable business development platform, for profit and growth.

The pricing structure of WinWeb’s CLOUD offering compares very favourably with that of Netsuite.
The all-in-one customisable and flexible WinWeb Cloud from £599 per month/3 users included, billed annually.

Or why not try WinWeb APPS Industry Solutions for any size business. Whether you are a retail, wholesale, services, manufacturing, health care, financial, non-profit, membership, or franchise. Work from anywhere, updates included. Nothing to install and no long contract.

Everyone should have Business Software this Advanced – Now you can with WinWeb APPS.

Your business software not only needs to grow with your needs, it also needs to be able to change with your needs. Only truly integrated cloud software can deliver these objectives. WinWeb APPS will work for any Micro Business as it will for any Enterprise.

WinWeb CLOUD is a fully integrated and customisable solution dedicated to helping businesses become financially sustainable by providing them with access to the tools they will need at an affordable price. It is a system that is agile and flexible enough to provide custom app offerings to every industry and unlike other similar companies, those custom options won’t break the bank and they are very easy and quick to implement.

Let’s take a quick look at what a business can get from WinWeb Cloud:

  • Enterprise and Manufacturing Resource Planning (ERP/MRP)

    Including Financial Management, Supply Chain, Inventory, Order Management, Billing & Invoicing, Shipping & Fulfilment, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Production Scheduling, Bill of Materials, Purchase Management, Material Requirement Planning, Capacity Requirement Planning, Warehousing, Subscription and Time Billing and more …

  • Production Data Acquisition (PDA)

    Real-time process and production monitoring/reporting for manufacturing businesses – via Industrial Ethernet and/or industrial PDQ units.

  • Projects & Tasks Management (PTM)

    Project setup, project history, project team management, project pipelines and charts.

  • Multi Location

    Real-time integration of every fixed and mobile location, like multiple stores, multiple offices, delivery vans and trucks, will greatly enhance business efficiencies, save time and money.

  • Business Reporting & Analytics

    Hundreds of standard reports, including financial performance, client, sales, reporting and customised reporting.

  • Customer Service & Helpdesk

    Delight your customers by streamlining your support and deliver faster customer care.

  • Big Data

    Correlating internal business data with large scale external data sources to provide new insights into your business and open your business to new business opportunities.

  • eCommerce & ePOS

    Complete eCommerce solutions, from shop floor to online fully integrated into all aspects of WinWeb Business Cloud.

  • Private Business Cloud (PBC)

    Instead of hosting your cloud applications in the public cloud you can choose to have your cloud applications in your own data centre.

  • Website & Blog Integration

    Promote your business via social media. Interact with your clients.

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)

    360 degree client view including client history, client file store, social media, transaction & financial overview and many more customisation options for a complete client picture.

  • Business Planning

    Business plan, cashflow forecast, SWOT analysis, business model canvas.

  • Digital Marketing

    Using our proprietary DITE technology (Discovery-Interaction- Transaction-Endorsement) to promote your products and services online, fully integrated into your back-office.

  • Cloud Chat & Message Board

    Real time collaboration tools to keep your team on track and communicating locally, nationally and world-wide.

  • Email, SMS & Newsletter

    Client communication via every channel possible, totally integrated.

  • Social Media Integration

    Communicating with clients on all relevant social media platforms in an integrated way is essential for any sustainable business – and creates lasting brand awareness.

  • Online Disk & Data Backup

    Keep all your data securely and online backed-up 24/7 with as much storage space as you need, fully encrypted.

  • Desktops. Tablets. Mobile

    Access your WinWeb Business Cloud on any device of your choice at no extra cost.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to Netsuite look no further you’ve found one it’s WinWeb.

Now that’s an alternative. The way you like I.T …
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