About the Different Apple Mac Software Products

Macintosh often fondly known as Mac is a great operating system used by many businessmen all over the world. Mac software was born in 1984 when Apple decided to change the world of computers forever. Apple Lisa was the first of the Mac machines which was introduced in 1984 for $10,000. It was meant for business purposes mostly and had excellent graphical interface. Although Lisa did not continue further but Apple was determined to do better with Mac computers. Apple was given a number of opportunities to enhance the capability of Mac by introducing a number of Mac software which can be used for many business purposes.

Mac software is plentiful in the marketplace and each one has a specific task to perform. You can buy Mac software and shareware online from their official website. Some of the most useful Mac software around are AccountEdge 2010 v10, Big Business 7.0.5, Connected 6.2, Intelliscanner and Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac. The AccountEdge 2010 v10 is medium sized accounting software which is available online for a price of $299. It requires a Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and overall file size is 37.1 MB.

Other similar but useful financial Mac software include AmLoan 1.9.1 which is a loan amortiser and calculator priced affordably at $24. It is a licensed shareware and is 4.9 MB in size. The Big Business 7.0.5 is another Mac software which can be bought online for a price of $595 for every user. It is great for people involved in business as it carries out all the important tasks of the business efficiently. These tasks include accounting contact management a marketing database sales automation and inventory tracking. You as the business owner can freely pay attention to the customers and their immediate needs while all the backend data is taken care of by Big Business.

This Mac software not only improves the business sales but also does all the behind the scene jobs such as managing stock levels, receivables, sales quotes, mailing lists, payments, shipments and so on. It is specifically created for a business that caters to buying and selling products. The software has 90 templates distribution, wholesale and retail to choose from. The multi-user environment as well as the client/server version makes the running of a business extremely simple. It will definitely enhance the downtime and the sales. Single User 7.0.5 file size is 74.3 MB, its Client 7.0.5 file size is 52.0 MB and Server 7.0.5 file size is 63.3 MB. Just because the file size is more than other software, it does not mean that it is a difficult software. In fact, it is quite easy to manage and maintain.

For a highly dynamic but busy business person the Billings 3.5.4 will help save a lot of time and effort. It is a shareware priced at $40. It simplifies the process of invoicing, quoting and time tracking. Its set up assistant is very intuitive and creates an easy work flow. Even customers will be impressed with the professional and smooth invoices and estimates. Its file size is 29.9 MB and works with Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher. Obtaining these Mac software is not an issue as most of them are easily available on the internet.