6 new online games you should check out today

If you want to stay home but still want to connect with your friends and family,  or if you are looking to make some new friends, online games are a great option to come together virtually. Whether you’re looking for a fun new multiplayer game, a puzzle game or a virtual mystery to solve, you can definitely find one online that will keep you entertained. New games come out all the time, so the options are always changing. Here are six new online multiplayer games that you should check out.


Mystery Escape Room

If you and your friends love a good mystery, this may be the perfect option for you. An online escape room brings you together in a conference call to solve puzzles and explore. You’ll get sixty minutes to complete your online escape room as a group. Depending on your selection, you’ll work together in your virtual location, solving puzzles as you go. You’ll have to communicate with one another to figure out each challenge and escape the room you’ve chosen. The game comes with a guide that is accessible through your conference call to help you along the way.

Raid: Shadow Legends

Fans of role-playing games will enjoy this one by Plarium. It places you in the fictional land of Teleria, which the Dark Lord Siroth has overtaken. You’ll create alliances and build a team to compete in arena battles, dungeon runs, clan boss fights and other story missions. It allows you to customize your skills as you move through twelve different locations for endless excitement. Show off your strategic mind as you build connections with other players and save Teleria from doom.

Black Noir Murder Escape

This mystery is great for team building or spending virtual time with your friends or family. You’ll all play the role of the private investigator together to solve the murder of an important member of the community. It is set during the gangster era of New York City, and you’ll work your way through several locations as you go. Your team must solve the murder before another one is committed. You can complete the game all together through a Zoom session with one person controlling the game and the others participating in helping to solve the mystery.

Blankos Block Party

Get your creative juices flowing with this new online game. You operate in a user-generated universe filled with characters called Blankos. These vinyl characters come in fun designs that famous designers create so you can get a unique look. Users create their own mini-games that other players can compete in.

Zombie Cannibal Asylum

If you love zombies, mystery-solving, fun and intrigue, this game has it all. Set during a zombie apocalypse, you and your friends will act as inmates and staff at Penderghast Asylum. The inmates are being used as test subjects to find a cure for the zombie virus that has overtaken the world. During the course of the game, one staff member is murdered, and you must work together to solve the crime.

Night of Mystery

This murder mystery site offers lots of different themes to choose from for your next virtual game night. Choose from an old west saloon, an 80s prom party, a pirate adventure and many others. The host will assign characters from the game, and you’ll all work together to solve the same mystery. You do have the option to play in person as well, but if you’re looking for online fun, set up a zoom session for all your guests, get into character and have a blast.

Whether your goal is to make some new friends or to find a way to connect online with your real-world friends and family, one of these games is sure to bring you together. Try one or all of them out to create some new adventure right from the comfort of your home.