World’s Most Valuable Startups of 2023 Revealed

As we bid farewell to the year 2023, it’s that time to look back on the tech landscape and shine a spotlight on the daring startups that navigated a tumultuous year to reshape and revolutionize various industries.

While tech stocks celebrated one of their best years in the last two decades following the 2022 slump, startups faced a rollercoaster ride. From the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank to a startup bubble fueled by the Federal Reserve’s near-zero interest rate policy, the challenges were numerous. Not to forget, the noteworthy shuffle in leadership with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s firing and subsequent rehiring added to the narrative.

Each year, 50 million new startups are created globally, but only 10% are able to sustain themselves in the long run. The same report also showed that only 40% of startups are profitable, and one-third of startups continue to lose money. Despite these hurdles, these innovative startups not only weathered the storm but left a lasting impact, transforming industries along the way.

So, with this in consideration, which startups have truly found success?

The team at Tipalti has delved into the values of the world’s largest startups to unveil the most successful companies. The study also looked into the countries and industries that have fostered the most successful startups. Join us as we delve into the narratives of resilience, creativity, and triumph in our exploration of 2023’s most valuable startups.

The 10 Highest-Valued Startups


Rank Company Industry Country Valuation ($Billion)
1 ByteDance Media & Entertainment China 225.0B
2 SpaceX Industrial United States 150.0B
3 SHEIN Consumer & Retail Singapore 66.0B
4 Stripe Financial Services United States 50.0B
5 Revolut Financial Services United Kingdom 33.0B
6 Epic Games Media & Entertainment United States 31.5B
7 Fanatics Consumer & Retail United States 31.0B
8 OpenAI Enterprise Tech United States 29.0B
9 Canva Enterprise Tech Australia 25.4B
10 Chime Financial Services United States 25.0B

Securing the top spot on the list is the company behind the immensely popular social media platform TikTok, boasting an impressive valuation of $225 billion. ByteDance, founded back in 2012, envisioned harnessing the power of AI to generate highly relevant content for its users. Fast forward to today, and the company boasts a user base of 2.5 billion across various platforms.

In the second position is SpaceX, the American spacecraft manufacturer founded by the enigmatic billionaire Elon Musk. Renowned for producing reusable rockets for spacecraft, SpaceX also operates Starlink, providing internet access to over 60 countries through a network of more than 5,000 satellites.

Claiming the third spot on the list with an estimated value of $66 billion is SHEIN, the world’s largest fashion retailer. Specializing in affordable clothing, SHEIN became a trendsetter with the early adoption of TikTok. Leveraging the platform for product promotion, the company gained significant popularity, especially among Gen Z, catapulting the SHEIN app to the top of the download charts last year.

Countries With the Most Successful Startups

The finding didn’t stop there. It also showcased the countries with the highest number of successful startups. Although the United States boasts the largest number of startups, Singapore claims the leading position as the country with the highest-performing startups, boasting an average value of $5.5 billion. The nation is also home to 17 startups valued at over $1 billion, including notable names like SHEIN and the fiber optics company Hyal Route.

Inequalities in Entrepreneurship

Although the general report appears positive at first glance, there are notable demographic trends in entrepreneurship when you dig deeper. The research by Tipalti’s team reveals a prevalent pattern where the majority of startups are led by founders who are, on average, 30-year-old Americans.

Additional insights:

  • In terms of financial success, the media and entertainment industry emerges as the most lucrative for startups, boasting an average valuation of $6.1 billion.
  • Analyzing the top 10 most successful startup founders, the average age at which they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey is 30.
  • When scrutinizing the founders of the most successful companies, the data reveals a notable gender disparity. The average startup founder is predominantly male, with men constituting 90% of the list. The lone female entrepreneur in the top 10 is Melanie Perkins, founder of Canva.