Web Domain Registration

Putting up a website is the first and foremost requirement for someone who is going to start an online business. However, there is a lot more to the creation and management of a website than one often believes. The first step is obviously to decide on a name for the website. This is alternatively called the URL or domain name. It is the part that follows the ‘www.’ on the browser search bar. Generally, people use simple names but there are several websites which have catchy phrases as their domain name. This draws immediate attention and most often suits the purpose. All in all, the idea is set a unique name so that your website is not overshadowed by others with similar names.

The next step is to check the availability of the chosen website name. A Domain Name Registrar looks into various aspects like website registration, reporting and tracking of website names across the net. Previously, there was a sole domain name registrar company for the entire web world. However, with a huge volume of internet usage nowadays, the number of such companies has also risen. A search for ‘domain name registrar’ on your engine provides a list of domain name registrars and simplifies your search for a suitable company. In fact, a wide range of companies offer free website domain registration.

Then, one needs to decide on a domain hosting company. Hosting companies are armed with several computers (servers) and high speed internet connectivity. They officially host your website (give you working space on their server) in lieu of a monthly remuneration for their services. One may be ambitious enough to host their website on their own computer. There is nothing wrong with it except for the fact that any commercial website demands extremely reliable net connectivity. Also, a certain degree of competency is required to ensure the server’s configuration in regard to handling different types of programs that are needed to host your web pages.

The last step is to design the webpage itself. It is not that difficult but then, when it is your business at stake, why take the risk? One can readily hire a professional web designing firm that specializes in this field and makes sure your web pages are customized to your business needs and personal taste. From processing the overall theme to creating codes for the pages of your web domain, web design firms have carved out a niche of their own. If you feel a pinch in your pocket, you are free to buy a template (pre-packaged website).

Once you have successfully started up your own website, publicity is equally important so one must make sure that his company’s products and services can be found by prevailing search engines. This allows clients to interact with you and hence, provides a ready base for your business to prosper. With free website registration and free domain hosting, it has never been easier to start up your business online. The time has come for you to be your own boss!