Wacom Movink tablets will have a 13.3″ OLED panel from Samsung Display

Wacom is still one of the highest acclaimed tablets for drawing and artists. While the iPad has taken some market space, a tablet like the upcoming Wacom Movink is preferred by many artists over the iPad. Now, Samsung Display has announced that its 13.3″ OLED panels will be living inside the new Wacom Movink.

That’s fantastic news for users thinking of picking up one of these new Wacom tablets. Samsung Display makes some of the best panels for any device, just ask Apple. The company still works with Apple to supply displays for its iDevices and more. Here’s what the press release had to say about this collaboration between Samsung Display and Wacom.

Wacom Movink Featuring Samsung Display OLED

Wacom Movink tablets will have a 13.3" OLED panel from Samsung Display

Samsung Display announced today that it will supply 13.3-inch OLED panels to Wacom, the world’s leading pen tablet manufacturer, for their new OLED pen display, Wacom Movink. This is the first time Wacom has incorporated OLEDs into its products. By working with Wacom, Samsung Display expects to solidify its position as a leader in the IT OLED market.

“The collaboration with Wacom, a leader in the professional pen tablet market, once again demonstrates the excellent image quality of Samsung’s OLED technology,” said James CHO, Head of Marketing for the Small and Medium-sized Display Division at Samsung Display. “We hope that more creators will experience the advantages of our OLED technology, particularly as this new product is focused on portability.”

Wacom, the world’s leader in creative pen tablets, offers a wide range of digital pen solutions for creators, like webcomic artists and illustrators. Wacom Movink is Wacom’s thinnest and lightest product to date, weighing just 420 grams, allowing users to experience the freedom of creating content outside the studio and in remote locations.

In addition to portability, Samsung Display’s OLED screen for Wacom Movink offers other advantages over LCD screens for content creators. Unlike an LCD screen, which has its backlight on and suffers from light interference, Wacom Movink can produce true blacks by turning off pixels, resulting in clear color boundaries, especially when displaying dark images.

Wacom Movink also self-illuminates without backlighting, allowing creators to render more accurate color reproduction, as the pure RGB light emitted by the organic materials reaches the user’s eyes without passing through color filters. Wacom Movink’s color reproduction exceeds 100% DCI-P3 and is certified as Pantone Validated and Pantone SkinTone Validated by the global provider of color standards.

The pen experience, a key feature of Wacom products, has been enhanced with Samsung Display’s OLED. Unlike LCDs, which require time for liquid crystals to rotate, OLEDs respond almost instantly to electrical signals.

Furthermore, OLED’s thinness compared to LCD reduces the distance between the touch-sensitive component and the pen, resulting in a more realistic pen experience for the user. Moreover, Samsung Display’s OLED has eliminated issues commonly found in LCD tablets, such as ‘ripple propagation’ due to pressure when using a pen and hand discomfort due to heat generation from the backlight unit.

“Our collaboration with Samsung Display, maker of the world’s best OLEDs, will elevate the value and perfection of Wacom products, and we can offer creative users the perfect solution that takes them wherever they need to be without compromising on performance, precision or experience,” said Koji Yano, Senior Vice President of Wacom’s Branded Business Unit. “By enhancing image quality, pen responsiveness and portability, Wacom Movink will be the top choice in a compact portable form factor for professional creators as well as students.”