VirtelaPredict Wants to Solve Your IT Problems Before They Happen

Virtela logoIT services company Virtela announced today a new IT infrastructure management service based on predictive analytics. VirtelaPredict will monitor system logs and event data for both on-premise and cloud based infrastructure and look for patterns that signal trouble. The company will then correct issues, hopefully before an outage ever occurs.
VirtelaPredict illustration
Companies like Netuitive and Prelert offer similar monitoring services powered by predictive analytics. But Vertila isn’t just software-as-a-service, it’s a full IT service with dedicated staff available 24×7.
Virtela’s IT infrastructure management service also includes compliance auditing, network discovery and inventory management and network modeling. Some of its existing customers include FedEx, Google and RedHat.
Instead of calculating downtime using the average amount of downtime across all instances, Virtela is offering a service level agreement based on per-incident downtime. This means that any outage counts against its SLA, even if other incidents were resolved quickly.
We covered Netuitive and its predictive analytics system last year.