Using a Google Web Site With a Free Domain Name Service Provider

Creating websites nowadays, as compared to 4 years ago is way too easy. Back then, you’ll need knowledge and skills in HTML, java script, servers and so much more.

Nowadays, creating a website seems like a piece of cake, as we create websites using tools such as Microsoft Word, Google Doc and Word Perfect.These tools save us the headache of learning all the so called ‘languages’ needed to develop websites.

This allows authors (or anyone who wants to be an author) to directly create websites without the need for ‘website developers’ which can be costly and perhaps, time consuming. Normally to create a free website (especially with free hosting), a person cannot control or customize the URL link for their website. This article aims to solve this problem.

It focuses on how to create a free website, yet the website creator can still customize the URL link to their liking. To do this, there are a few things that need to be done.


Register an account with Google* Register a free domain name service provider. In this case we use*

* Please take a note that may use different free service provider; however it is recommended that you use the providers that we have listed above. Steps:

Do the registration on Google; you are able to accomplish this by registering for one of their services such as Gmail. Once registration is complete, we can start to create the web site using Google site service. Start writing your content there. There are plenty of web tools that you can experiment with. Save your work and get the URL. Register with domain name service provider at Decide what your domain will be – Tip: get a short and easy to remember domain name. Configure your domain name with the URL you got from Google site. After all the tasks has been completed, you will be able to promote your link in your business cards, to friends, in forums and etc.

In case you are not very clear on how to do that, please click here which explains the detail on how to do it step by step.