Use File Recovery Utility Optimally to Restore Maximum Data

Imagine you have been working on a project for a considerable period of time and suddenly one fine morning your computer crashes. You lose all the important files and all your hard work amounts to nothing. In order to cope with such unforeseen incidents it is important to backup all your essential data, so that even if your system fails to respond you don’t lose any vital information. File recovery utility provides solution to recover lost or accidentally deleted data in few simple steps. Because of the ease with which lost data can be restored with the help of this software, its usage is rapidly gaining momentum.

File recovery utility can used to restore all the data on the hard drive if the damage is restricted to limited portions of the drive. It is advantageous to download a whole-disk backup software program, which can make ISO images of the data on the hard drive.

ISO images that can be read by any file recovery software can then be scanned to get back the data. The next step in the process involves the utilization of a software installer or burning software for creating a CD or DVD of that software by using the’ Burn image’ option of your burning software.

Moving on you need to turn off your computer and plug in a USB hard drive that has a capacity greater than the hard drive you want to recover data from. No sooner your computer is turned on than you need to insert the CD/DVD in your CD/DVD reader, allowing the file recovery utility to start automatically. After choosing the hard drive you want to salvage, select the USB hard drive and click on ‘start’ or ‘backup’ whichever the case may be. Always make sure to select the ‘Whole Disk’ option and not the ‘Partition’ option and remember to turn off the computer when the back-up is done.

Now you are required to connect the USB hard drive to another computer and install the file recovery utility you want to use by double-clicking on the file. Prior to installing the network backup software you need to choose the location where you plan to install the software. Then go the ‘start’ menu and begin the process. Let the file recovery utility run with the automatic options and it will detect the partitions and rescue data that you have chosen to retrieve from the image file, and extract them to your computer.

We all save our important documents and files in our computer’s hard drive. And if that hard drive goes kaput making it impossible for us to access the data, days of productivity goes to waste, not to mention valuable time and even money. But in spite of that a lot of us do not give much importance to data backup and recovery. And it is only after we encounter some data loss that we resort to file recovery utility. Such software can be used to backup your essential data at regular intervals to save a situation from potential crisis.